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Olympic Torch comes to Kelsey Park Sports College

One of the torches used in the 1948 Olympic torch relay visited Kelsey Park today as part of a relay that has involved pupils from all Schools in Bromley. (Photo by Central Press/Getty Images)

The torch, seen here being handed over by H S Bignall (right) during the flame’s journey from Dover to Wembley Stadium, for the opening of the 1948 London Olympics was carried by Kelsey Park College pupils to partner primary schools before arriving for a relay around the College’s athletics track.

Young leaders were assigned countries to represent the 14 venues to host the games between London 1948, and 2012. On the arrival of the torch, it was handed to pupils representing each of the venues in order, and paraded around the track. Despite the sweltering heat, each of the pupils held the flame proudly as they completed their section of the relay and the final torch bearer, who was wearing the 2012 logo, was joined by all of the countries and other sports leaders in a final lap of the track.

In order to celebrate the diversity associated with the Olympic Games, each School taking part in the relay adopted a country to represent. Kelsey was assigned Russia and we were delighted to welcome members of the ‘South East Russian Language Society’ to the event. The Society, whose motto is ‘Friendship’, is keen to provide extended services specifically for Russian speaking members of the local community and are actively involved in celebrations of culture throughout the South East.

Once the relay was complete, and photos were taken, the torch was passed on to 4 representatives from the Langley Schools who left for their own section of the relay. This event, organised by the School Sports Partnership as one of the activities that are taking place during ‘National School Sport Week’, is taking seven days to complete due to the massive number of Schools that wished to take part.

In addition to the torch relay during the National Week of School Sport, pupils are taking part in a Multi-Skill challenge within their PE lessons, the results of which will be compiled in order to crown the winning Guild at the end of term.