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“Where will the bees and beetles go?” – on-line sessions.

The Friendship Society invites you all to join to our upcoming project ‘Where will the bees and beetles go?’ starting 5th July. We will be partnering with the Kent Wildlife Trust to deliver a series of workshops working towards a final exhibition that will travel around South East London to spread awareness on how we can all support the bees and stag beetles in our own local areas, whether that be in your garden, in a local park or even just as a window box.

Over the summer period, we will be running eight online workshops to introduce to you the plight our bees and stag beetles face. Our project leader Hannah will be running a session each week on Sundays, starting the 5th of July through to the 23d of August, at 10.30am.

Later on the year we have planned field trips and workshops planned with the Kent Wildlife Trust, which we will provide for closer to the time.

For those of you who wish to join, please email Hannah with your child’s name, date of birth and postcode to receive your welcome pack.


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