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Coronavirus Access to Healthcare

Health for All
During this unprecedented time, Friendship Society is running an informative project – Health for All. This aims to provide support, information and guidance on coronavirus to all, but particularly to the Eastern European community which the charity has a strong involvement with.
With diverse and multicultural populations in England, it is important that all overseas visitors currently residing in England, regardless of their immigration status, are aware of their healthcare rights with regards to Coronavirus. Not only is this initiative raising awareness in such areas, it is also supporting the improvement of population health and safety through encouraging individuals to access the health and care services available to them.
We aim to provide and explain the latest guidelines on coronavirus, focussing specifically on helping and supporting individuals and families, offering information on how to access testing and treatment, sharing advice laid out by the government and the NHS on how to stay safe, giving guidance on where to access further information, and ensuring everyone is aware of their healthcare rights.

Health for all