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Healthcare Rights

Healthcare Rights


Coronavirus is still an active threat to all, making it important to remain vigilant and safe. If you suspect you, or a member of your household has coronavirus, it is important to self-isolate immediately and to get tested imminently. However, if your symptoms become severe or you cannot cope with them at home, follow NHS guidance:




With diverse and multicultural populations in England, awareness is required on the healthcare rights of all individuals. No overseas visitors, regardless of their immigration status will be charged for the testing or treatment of coronavirus in England, even if the results are determined negative after treatment has begun. Nor will any immigration checks be carried out if a patient is only undergoing coronavirus testing or treatment.


Certain NHS services in England are also available free of charge, including the diagnosis and treatment of a number of other communicable diseases.


To find out more information on the NHS entitlements of migrants in relation to coronavirus or other conditions, in England, please visit:




By ensuring we all follow government guidance, and get tested as soon as possible, when appropriate, we can collectively help to minimise the coronavirus threat. Please ensure all around you are aware of their healthcare rights, not only may it help your health and theirs, it will also support keeping our communities safe.



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