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ussian as a Foreign Language by Nina Vlasova

Russian as a Foreign Language is a method of teaching children used models instead of memorizing the rules, accelerated learning. Textbooks for pre-school and school children (in Russian) that can be purchased via the Friendship Society are described in more detail below. To place an order, please liaise with Mrs Galina Clark (email: friendship@btinernet.com, tel. 01322 330 090 or mob. 07973 512 536), the directors of the Friendship Society.

About the authors:

Nina Vlasova-Kuritz, PhD (Russian philology) sciences Dr. Nina Vlasova, a senior lecturer and a former Chair of the Russian Language Department for Foreign Students at the Moscow Conservatoire. She was one of the founders of methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. To meet the demands of today Nina Vlasova has adopted her methods for teaching Russian as a foreign language to children of pre-school and school age. Dr. Nina Vlasova lives in Israel.

Lilia Belskaya, PhD (Russian philology), a former professor of the Kazakh University, an expert on Russian literature of XIX and XX centuries and prosody. She lives in Israel.



Russian as Foreign Language – for kids: Pre-school Russian language course for children of three to eight years old who live in a non-Russian speaking environment but hear Russian spoken in their families. Learning by this textbook the child will be able to master the alphabet and learn reading and writing Russian. There are a lot of children’s poems to be learnt by heart in the textbook as well as various oral and written tasks that teach the pupil basic Russian grammar in usage. There are a lot of pictures for colouring which bring in an element of play. The textbook is supplied with rec-ommendations for a Russian speaking teacher. It was first published in 2004. The book was successfully used by teachers and parents in Israel, the USA and Europe.

Price: £18.99 + P&P £2.99



Russian as Foreign Language – Basic Course -1: The book Basic Course – 1 designed for Russian children growing up abroad and tested in a variety of Russian schools in different countries. It is meant for schoolchildren of 7-14 years of age who are starting a systematic study of the Russian language. The book will take two to three years given that the pupils get two hours a week in class and spend one hour a week doing their homework. The main aims of Basic Course – 1 is speaking, reading and writing Russian, the pupil’s vocabulary reaching 1200 – 1400 words. The pupil will be able to master basic grammar which does not mean learning grammar rules. Grammar is learnt in patterns given in every unit. Every unit of the course is supplied with a Russian – English vocabulary which helps English speaking children work without assistance. There is also a guide to methods for a Russian speaking teacher.

Price: £22.99 + P&P £2.99


Russian as Foreign Language – Basic Course – 2: The book Basic  Course – 2 is for children 8+ who have completed studying the book Basic Course – 1. The main aim of Basic Course – 2 is teaching the pupil to speak Russian fluently and correctly. The pupil’s vocabulary will increase by a thousand units as a result of  memorising new words as well as mastering various means of word-building. Famous prosaic and poetic pieces of fiction for children constitute the reading matter of the textbook. Pupils are given exercises on synonyms, antonyms and word formation which help the pupils use the vocabulary typical of the middle school age. Phonetics and intonation are taught through Russian children’s poetry. The textbook prepares the pupil for reading fiction in Russian. The book is designed for one year lessons at a rate of two hours per week with the teacher and one hour’s independent study.

Price: £18.99 + P&P £2.99



Russian as Foreign Language – Advanced Course -1: The book advanced course – 1 is intended for schoolchildren who have completed studying the textbooks Basic Course 1 and 2. It is meant for a year and a half (two lessons per week plus an hour of homework). As a result of doing this textbook the pupil will extend their knowledge gained from the basic course by mastering complicated grammar forms and syntactical constructions. Children speech will become more varied and expressive. Like the basic course the pupil learns patterns, not grammar rules. The patterns are taken from works of fiction. The pupil’s vocabulary is increased by 1200 – 1700 words giving them the ability to speak fluent and write correctly.

Price: £18.99 + P&P £2.99




Russian as a Foreign Language. Methodics of Teaching Children: This book is for Russian speaking teachers and parents. The book will help to teach children who live in a non-Russian speaking environmen.

£30.99.+ P&P £2.00
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