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Why Us?

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Click here to see a presentation about the Friendship Society.Friendship Society provides children and young people aged 2-18 with a friendly, inclusive environment in which the Russian Language and a range of creative arts and core curriculum classes are taught by a loyal and dedicated team of teaching staff. With the involvement of families, we strive to develop our children social awareness, sense of moral responsibility, attitude for learning and academic success so that they develop into confident, well-educated, successful and well-rounded citizents.

  • Friendship Society branches offer Russian GCSEs and A-Levels exams. Majority of our pupils achieved a highest mark in GCSE and A-levels – A-star *.
  • Children enjoy a variety of classes run by our professional tutors (please note that each branch may offer a different range of classes, for more information, please see branch-specific sections of this website):
    • art
    • sport: rhythmic gymnastics, boxing
    • dance: ballet
    • music: pop-group, guitar, piano, singing
    • mathematics
  • Academic subjects enriched by participating and expressing opinion in Youth Council and Children’s Parlament. This provides a balance of all-round education, start-up in public speaking and fantastic opportunities for their future careers.
  • Our schools thoughtfully provides a rich cultural program for children and parents – trips to museums, theatres, lovely beaches in summer and historical locations.
  • Children from the Friendship Society achieving fantastic results in sports, music, art and linguistics and keep receiving great rewards:
    • exhibiting artwork in famous National Gallery in London
    • trip to International camp “Artek”
    • participating in local and national festivals, projects and concert
    • taking part in Jack Petchey and other award programmes to recognise children achievements

Our vision

Building towards a successful futurephoca_thumb_l_artek1

Shaping futures

Broadening horizons

Dedication, excellence, achievement

No barriers

“You create your own universe as you go along”

Winston Churchill