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Chess Champion
Russian language newham Welcome to the site of the Newham branch of the Friendship SocietyRussian Gymnasium in Newham accordantly to original status followsa classical type of education for children who would like to get a basic comprehensive kn
owledge in maths, foreign language, art, chess, drama and gymnastics. Modern teaching methodology and analysis of previous years allows our teachers to solve the most daring challenge in
teaching students.Totals by examination of more than convincing evidence of the level of teaching and development of our students in core

subjects of secondary school. Over 85% of our children are enrolled in grammar schools in London, while having high achievements in sports, music, art and linguistics.

Every child in our school is talented and unique.

The school offers the following lessons to children of 2 to 14 years of age:

– art;

mental maths;

– Russian language; and

– drama.

For further details, please liaise with Mr. Sergey Marusenko, mob 07729 573216.